My name is Marques Ivey, and I am running for the Aurora Public School Board of Education.

I have called Aurora my home for over 14 years, practiced law in Aurora for 11 years, work as a magistrate for the City of Aurora, and Chair of the Community Housing and Development Committee, and I have the privilege of being married to Stacey, who has been an educator in Aurora Public Schools for over a decade. I am blessed to be raising two high schoolers and one middle schooler. APS has been a part of their lives from the start of their public school education.

I started my career as a public defender for the State of Colorado because of my desire to represent the indigent. I take pride in my career because the very job that I did as a public defender and continue to do as a private attorney fulfills what the 6th Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees. Because my career as an attorney only allowed me to be REACTIVE when it came to dealing with issues that children, teens, and parents face, I began volunteering in PTA when my son started Kindergarten at Vaughn Elementary School. I began to see that as a volunteer for Colorado PTA and National PTA, I actually had an opportunity to be PROACTIVE

I have been able to see the effects of education from all sides. I come to this leadership role as an APS Board Director with my perspective as the husband of an educator. Stacey has limited resources and income, and my priority is to make sure that she has whatever she needs to be successful in the classroom as a teacher. I also bring my perspective as a father raising three children in the school system, working to ensure that all students can be met where they are in their education and engaged in their educations. I have seen the struggles of families with children who have gone through expulsion, truancy, and criminal proceedings. And finally, in my role as a board member of the National PTA, I have experienced first-hand the need to drive education as a priority for our nation. 

We want a fresh approach. APS needs a vision, and I have that vision. I am here to drive APS forward for students – I won’t settle for the status quo, and I won’t stop until every single APS student has access to an excellent public education. It is time to bring a voice of integrity, vision, and purpose to our community.

I'm ready to fight for kids in Aurora. Here's where I stand:

Family Engagement 

Study after study has shown that when family members are engaged in the education of their children, grades rise, behavior improves, and children have a better experience in school. Let’s hold the district accountable for engaging families, ensuring that transparent information about school success is getting home to parents, and responding to parent concerns and suggestions.

Cutting Edge Schools

Every single student in APS can learn and succeed – but not every kid in APS has the same access to great schools as students in other districts. Schools should always be looking to be more innovative and efficient. We should be seeking to increase participation in STEM or STEAM programs, looking to partner with community colleges, 4-year colleges, and universities to create programs that engage students with the knowledge that college is an attainable goal. Every school would have the best teachers, the best equipment, and great technology. Teachers should have autonomy and flexibility within their schools.

Retaining and Recruiting the best teachers

How do you recruit and retain the best teachers? By giving teachers the freedom to be creative within the bounds of a great and cutting-edge curriculum, and by exploring what other great schools and school districts have done and by bringing those vetted, best-practice successes to OUR schools. By providing opportunities for professional development and teacher leadership, and by paying teachers a fair and competitive wage so that they can have a great quality of life outside of work and are paid commensurate with their incredibly valuable contributions.

Cultural Inclusion

With over 200 different languages spoken, APS is already at the forefront of having to make sure that we integrate every student into the fabric of school. Let's ensure that no single child is left behind because they don't have access to translated materials. Let's ensure that no parent is left out of our district because we only send home flyers in English. Our emerging multilingual students are brilliant and adaptable and have so much to offer in the classroom. It’s on us to ensure that they have access to a great education – let's help every child reach their potential.

Can I count on you to support my campaign today?